Contemporary Dance Artist

Jenn Edwards

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The Body Orchestra is a collection of independent dance artists based mostly in Vancouver, BC. The company formed in 2016 to create Jenn Edwards' Conduit. Two more works have been created to date: Other Creatures (Edwards) and Viewer Discretion by Jen Aoki. As a triple bill, these works were presented at the 2017 Calgary Fringe Festival and the 2018 Winnipeg Fringe. Next up, you can catch us at the 2019 Vancouver Fringe Festival, Sept 5-15, 2019.

Artistic Directors      Jenn Edwards

                                 Jen Aoki

Performers                Jenn Edwards

                                  Jen Aoki

                                  Samantha Presley

                                  Erin Lequereux

​                                  Silene Razo

                                  David Clennin

                                  Kayla De Vos

Lighting Design        Jonathan Kim

Composers               Mary Jane Paquette
                                Jakob Liljenwall

Past Collaborators   Cody Cox

                                James Amzin-Nahirnick

                                Jess Ames

                                Clare Twiddy

                                Marcelle Lemos

                                Carolyn Schmidt

                                Marc Arboleda (dramaturgy)

Videos                      Conduit

                                 Viewer Discretion 

​                                 Other Creatures

Presentation History

Dancing on the Edge (Vancouver - July, 2018)

2018 Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival (Winnipeg - July, 2018)

The Festival '18 by New Blue Dance (Toronto - June, 2018)

2017 Calgary Fringe Festival (Calgary - Aug, 2017)

CONDUIT at the Gold Saucer (Vancouver - Oct, 2016)

Parade of Lost Souls (Vancouver - Oct, 2016)

Dusty Flowerpot Third Thursday Cabaret  (Vancouver - Sept, 2016)


Photo by Sam Kruger​

Photo by Ryan Adam Wells​

Photo by Allan Jeffrey

Photo by Andi Mcleish