​Dance Artist             Contemporary skater            Educator

Jenn Edwards


"The dancers show off their weirdness in this amusing work full of marching, gestures, formations and the occasional spoken text. Edwards highlights both the awkwardness of the individual (the failure of self-confidence) and the cohesion of the group through short vignettes and large group tasks." 

      - Rachel Maddock, Independent Dance Artist and Writer

Premiere - 2019 Vancouver Fringe Festival

Cast - Jennifer Aoki

           David Clennin

           Kayla De Vos

           Erin Lequereux

           Samantha Presley

           Silene Razo

Score - Mary Jane Paquette

​Created during residencies at SFU's School for the Contemporary Arts and the Roundhouse Community Arts & Culture Centre.

Photo by Al Ricard

Photo by Al Ricard