Contemporary Dance Artist

Jenn Edwards


Her artistic practice encompasses dance, contemporary skating, and music. Originally from Vancouver, Jenn first fell in love with movement through competitive figure skating, before earning a BFA in dance at SFU’s School for the Contemporary Arts in 2010. She also studied contact improvisation on a scholarship to EDAM Dance in 2011. Since then her career has taken her to Berlin, Vienna, Toronto, Montreal, and Newfoundland and Labrador, where she is currently based.

Since 2018,  Jenn has been a company skater with Le Patin Libre, a contemporary ice skating company based in Montreal. She is a cast member of their full-length ensemble work, Murmuration, which premiered in Paris in 2022 and has since toured in France, Germany, and the US.

As a dancer, Jenn has toured internationally with Flowmotion Dance Company (Vienna), Tauschfühlung (Vienna), and Vospertron Performance (Berlin). Within Canada she has danced in work by independent choreographers such as Jamee Valin, Philippa Myler, Karissa Fyrrar, Patricia Allison, David Wilson, Jennifer Aoki and Carolyn Schmidt.

Her own choreography has been presented at 12 Minutes Max (Vancouver and Seattle), Fusion Festival (Berlin), Vines Art Festival (Vancouver), New Blue Dance (Toronto), Your Dance Fest (Toronto) and Dance: Made in Canada (Toronto). Her 2020 film work, Shipwreck, won Best Experimental Film at Toronto’s Experimental Dance & Music Festival, and a duet, Forcefield, was live-streamed by both Arts NL (St. John’s) and The Response (Vancouver) during the COVID lockdowns. In 2021 she co-directed Re:Place, a full-length, immersive outdoor dance theatre collaboration with Saskatoon’s It’s Not a Box Theatre for Vines Art Festival.

Currently based in Labrador West, Jenn teaches both dance and figure skating, writes regularly for Dance International Magazine, and plays keys in the alt rock band, Ptarmageddon.

Jenn is a performer, educator, and writer. ​