Contemporary Dance Artist

Jenn Edwards

So What?!

Trailer of a full-length work from Austrian tanztheater group Tauschfühlung. Edwards danced in the premiere in 2014. 

Le Doux

A collaboration between over twenty musicians and dancers for Berlin's iconic Fusion Festival in 2014. Directed by Felix Schaefer and featuring choreography by Jenn Edwards.

A little dance-busking

Dance improvisation, 2013. A Scandanavian stranger captured this on a subway platform in Berlin. Improvised music by Zane Barratt. 

Droid Fates

This short film collaboration between Triadic Dance Works and Andrew H was featured in the BC Buds Spring Arts Festival at The Firehall Arts Centre in May, 2013.


A stylized, hilarious music video from Berlin-based folk artist Teresa Bergman, featuring 4 fully grown babies. 

Choreography by Jenn Edwards
Filmed in Berlin, Germany. September, 2014