Le Doux

A collaboration between over twenty musicians and dancers for Berlin's iconic Fusion Festival in 2014. Directed by Felix Schaefer and featuring choreography by Jenn Edwards.

Droid Fates

This short film collaboration between Triadic Dance Works and Andrew H was featured in the BC Buds Spring Arts Festival at The Firehall Arts Centre in May, 2013.


A stylized, hilarious music video from Berlin-based folk artist Teresa Bergman, featuring 4 fully grown babies. 

Choreography by Jenn Edwards
Filmed in Berlin, Germany. September, 2014

So What?!

Trailer of a full-length work from Austrian tanztheater group Tauschfühlung. Edwards danced in the premiere in 2014. 

Contemporary Dance Artist

Jenn Edwards

A little dance-busking

Dance improvisation, 2013. A Scandanavian stranger captured this on a subway platform in Berlin. Improvised music by Zane Barratt.