DaNCE Artist & Teacher

Slow Dance​

A young woman uses her time on the dance floor to pursue a perfect romance but finds only disappointment. 

Performed as part of 'Merge IV' @ Spectral Theatre. Vancouver, BC. Oct, 2011

Photo by Mary-Jane Moore


Created during a DanceLab residency at SFU Woodwards, this ensemble work for 7 dancers sources the movements of orchestral conductors to weave an abstract tale of human relationships, power dynamics and the role of art in our lives. Featuring original music by James Coomber, lighting design by Jonathan Kim and dramaturgy by Marc Arboleda.

Premiered at Gold Saucer Studio, Oct 1 & 2, 2016.

Baby Voice

A stylized, hilarious music video from Berlin-based folk artist Teresa Bergman, featuring 4 fully grown babies.

Filmed in Berlin, Germany. September, 2014

Photo by Gemma Crowe

Ceremonial Sketches

A full-length work chronologically exploring life's stages. Created and performed with Philippa Myler and Jennifer Aoki (Triadic Dance Works) in collaboration with visual artists Jay Erickson and Andrew H., musician Zane Barratt and dramaturge Marc Arboleda.

Performed at: The Scotiabank Dance Centre

                       Vancouver, BC. July, 2012

Le Doux

A collaboration between live musicians, DJ’s and dancers for Berlin’s iconic Fusion Festival. Directed by Felix Schaefer.

Performed at: Fusion Festival, Berlin. June, 2014

Poster by Bruno Bolcsfoldi

The Home Project

A long-term collaboration between Vancouver and Berlin with input from dance artists Jobina Bardai, Jennifer Aoki, Jess Ames and Jenn Edwards with music by Zane Barratt. Versions have been performed at Theaterhaus Mitte (Berlin, 2014), The Dance Centre and T.B.A Choreographic Showcase (Vancouver, 2015).

Photo by Lloyd Donald

Spun Off

Three bodies find themselves awash in fragments of memory.  Illuminating the space with a single flashlight, they struggle to reignite past connections. Choreography by Triadic Dance Works. Film version created by Nela H.

Performed at: 12 Minutes Max @On The Boards

                        Seattle, WA. Feb, 2012

The Fine and Fateful Line

Eight dancers find ways to confront their anxiety about the future. A humorous take on how it feels to make big changes. 

Performed as part of 'Portable Spaces' @ The Roundhouse

                       Vancouver, BC. May, 2010

Jenn Edwards

Stories from the Second Floor

Triadic Dance Works’ first full-length work. A quirky collection of short dance “stories” inspired by found items pulled from an old wooden chest. Featuring choreography by Natalie Gan.

Performed at: Second Storey Theatre

                       Port Coquitlam, BC. May, 2011

Breath Mark

A brief duet exploring travel, resilient friendships and shifting perspectives. 

Performed at: The Itsey Bitsy Children's Festival

                      Port Coquitlam, BC. July, 2011